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How to Use Maple Cream

Yields1 Serving

 Maple Cream

Aside from the similar uses on pancakes, warm muffins, biscuits, toasted poundcake, etc, consider these possiblities:

Place a little dollop on a hot apple pie and serve with sharp cheddar

Use a little to finish some pureed sweet potatoes or butternut squash, and top with toasted pecans

Use it instead of regular butter on cinnamon toast

Stir some into steamed carrots

Make a quick sweet crepe filling with some toasted pecans, sauteed apples, and a dab of the maple butter

Spread some on bread and top with bacon crumbles.

Slather it on a baked ham.

Mix with dollop of mustard for a quick Maple Mustard Glaze for chicken, pork & fish. You can also use it as salad dressing or pulled pork sandwich.

For a easy fruit dip, add a tablespoon to a softened brick of cream cheese.