Our Story


Marvin Sr taps 30 Maple trees in a small grove behind his house.

Marvin Sr taps 30 Maple trees in a small grove behind his house.
His wife and 6 children help haul the sap across the field in milk cans.
Cook down the sap on a Coleman stove in the garage.

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Marvin Sr Teams-Up with Stanley

Marvin Sr. teams up with younger brother Stanley.
Tap 275 Maple Trees on newly purchased parcel of land.

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Marvin's Sons

Marvin’s sons Marvin, Matt & Jon start renovating a 50-year old milking parlor.

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First Year Operating

First year operating as Ski’s Sugar Shack:

  • Purchase used 3×12 wood fire evaporator
  • 2,984-gallon Lapierre bulk tank for sap
  • Lapierre releaser

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Second Year Operating

  • 1,400 taps 680 gallons of Maple Syrup Produced
  • Matt & Jon purchase a New Lapierre RO Machine 600 gal/hr
  • Add a new Smokey Lake automatic draw off to evaporator

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Third Year Operating

  • 1,787 taps 1,023 gallons of Maple Syrup Produced
  • Add another post/membrane to RO machine making it 900 gal/hr
  • New front on evaporator

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Fourth Year Operating

  • 1,800 taps 617 gallons of Maple Syrup Produced
  • Built & installed Pumphouse in the sugar bush
  • Jon starts making Maple convections
  • 1st place at Taylor Co Maple Fest
  • 2nd Place at Phelps Maple Fest (qualify for state fair)
  • Ski’s blue-ribbon syrup sold at Wisconsin State Fair
  • Introduced our “Signature Collection”
  • Attend Eagle River Cranberry Fest

November 10, 2017 – Marvin Sr lost his life to Cancer

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Fifth Year Operating

  • Upgraded to Lapierre Modulating Draw Off System
  • Upgraded to a custom built MES releaser
  • Introduced “NuCAN “Environmentally friendly packaging
  • Launched new website!
  • New Products
  • Traveled across Wisconsin attending craft shows and festivals.
  • Built New roadside shed for our products
  • Invested in a trailer
  • Purchased a custom fabricated Candy Machine & Hobart Mixer

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Sixth Year Operating

  • Wrapped trailer in Ski’s Logo
  • Purchased Case Trencher for burying sap lines
  • New Products

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